The Splice Group is a niche management consulting company

We work with business leaders and their executive teams to drive organisational success.
Our emphasis is on aligning business challenges with leadership effort.
We focus on the importance of executive team performance, leaders adding-value, and leaders relationship to innovation.

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The consulting relationship

How it works; your organisation; your challenges

Becoming a leadership team 

The impact of a top team; what makes a leadership team unique; what needs focus

Leaders adding-value

Adding or eroding value? Leaders in the zone; smart, inspiring, stable

Disrupting, innovating, stabilising

Strategic & operational leaders; innovation is not an add-on; yet customers demand stability; bringing it all together

Splice Articles

August 2019

1. The Strategic Leader
Stepping up while facing in!

Leaders of leaders must be strategic and operational. Strategy is about the future, operations the present. Effective leaders do both with ease… more

August 2019

2. Would I be led by YOU?
Yes YOU with the big office…

Who decides whether Jacinta is a good leader? It may come as a surprise, but it’s not Jacinta. Rather it’s the people Jacinta leads and influences… more

August 2019

3. The Leader Furnace
Why some leaders turn out better than others

It’s too simplistic to ask if leaders are born or made. Clearly it’s a bit of both. Some people have a tendency to leadership in childhood… more

August 2019

4. What’s the big deal about Senior Leaders?
Snakes & ladders

Leaders are like weightlifters. Go to a gym, and you’ll notice some people lifting more than others. In organisations, senior leaders should… more

August 2019

5. The Power of the Executive Team
Let’s cut the sporting analogies

Team-building exercises are “great” for first line leaders and their teams!! The work in these teams is tangible, operational, and measurable… more

August 2019

6. Adult-Only Executive Teams
Delayed adolescents need not apply

Too often executive teams are dysfunctional. And when this occurs, everyone knows it. Team members; the board; employees!… more